Through the use of enzymatic technology and surfactants, the most advanced detergents no longer contain phosphates or alkaline salts that harm the environment. However, they are even more effective at neutral pH and at low washing temperatures. The use of enzymes contributes to the manufacture of detergents with a smaller environmental impact, without renouncing high-performance. BIOKATAL offers an extensive variety  ...


The textile finishing and leather tanning sectors are great consumers of chemical products, water and energy for their industrial processes. They therefore also produce a large amount of waste water which has to be purified in large water treatment units. These sectors are currently making costly investments to modernise their facilities and reduce the environmental impact of their processes. The  ...


BIOKATAL has a wide range of biological products for institutional and industrial applications. The formulae contain specific microorganisms, nutrients, stabilisers and coadjutants to give excellent results in every application. The main applications include the treatment of septic tanks, farm purine pits, control of bad smells, composting, WC maintenance, polluted water treatment, fat elimination and correction of soils polluted by hydrocarbons.


There are many other applications and processes in which BIOKATAL products play a decisive role. These include the processing of biomass to obtain biofuel (bioethanol, biodiesel…), the low-temperature textile bleaching catalysts, the enzymes for breaking down waste and all products intended to improve the sustainability of resources and to reduce the environmental impact of the industrial processes.