BIOKATAL Nature in action

BIOKATAL, is a brand of CYGYC BIOCON S.L., a company resulting from the merger between the joined companies CYGYC INDUSTRIA QUIMICA, S.A. And BIOCON ESPAÑOLA, S.A., both leaders in the manufacture and supply of chemical specialties.

The BIOKATAL project is born from the need to apply alternative technological solutions to the classic chemical proposals within the world of detergency, in the way of promoting environmental preservation from sustainable resources, low danger and minimal ecological impact.

The BIOKATAL division of CYGYC BIOCON, S.L., puts "Nature in Action" to make possible and efficient industrial projects of its customers, totally or partially replacing traditional chemical solutions, with the use of technologically advanced enzymes and microorganisms.

This innovative technology for a productive and less polluting industry, meets the aspirations of a new and increasingly demanding society with respect to the preservation of the planet.